THE DEMENTED HAUNT Escape before you are captive!

This will not be your typical escape room. Be ready for the unexpected. Not only will you have to try to escape but will have to work together as a team to find clues and solve problems, but be careful because one wrong turn will put everyone's life in danger.

Be prepared to be challenged and solve all the clues at your own risk, and don't worry we have you on video.


It's the last week before Christmas and Santa's helpers are rushing to get all the final preparations done. Santa seemed a little different this year. His "jolly" was not so jolly and Ho Ho Ho was not as powerfull and cheerful as usual. Something was off. Santa finally decided to tell all the helpers what was bothering him.

One of his naughty kids in the past, from 30 years ago, had built up enough anger to want to destroy Christmas and Santa felt its presence near. As you explore Santa's Workshop keep an eye out for little Johnny. Enjoy


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Minimum of 4 people
2-3 People selective times only on weekdays. $35 per person plus tax
24 hour cancellation policy with Refund
Late will deduct time after 15 min

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    2505 State Rd 7
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